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A Message from the president of Poker Team Bankroll
A Message from the president of PTB...
I think it's safe to say that the right way to become a real professional poker player is to play a lot of live poker for a long time, learn everything you can from experience and other players, build your bankroll, invest wisely and start cashing in bigger and bigger tournaments. Don't kid yourself, it's not an easy thing to do. But what if you could do it as a team with your friends? This is the idea behind Poker Team Bankroll (PTB)...   read more
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Play the Home Game For Yourself - WIN Major Poker Tournaments as a Team
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In your team portal, you will be able to view your team members, your current and completed team goals and standings, all game result histories, view team and individual stats, upload a team logo/photo and administer posted photos and comments (if you are an administrator). Team members can post and reply to messages on the team message board and view and upload photos. To see an example of what the Team Portal looks like, click here for a screen shot.

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