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Why are my poker related facebook ads getting disapproved when there are more than a dozen similar ads currently running?

Facebook deems my ads to be prohibited according to 8 and 9 of Facebook's Advertising Guidelines

First of all, what do the ads that I've been trying to run look like (from most recently attempted to least)?

poker team bankroll facebook ad
poker team bankroll facebook ad
poker team bankroll facebook ad

Okay, so what are the facebook guidelines preventing my ads from being approved?

The reason given to me for my ads being disapproved:
"The content advertised by this ad is restricted. Per sections 8 and 9 of Facebook's Advertising Guidelines, this content is prohibited from being advertised on Facebook. Ads for this product, service or site will not be accepted in any form, and may result in your account being disabled."

8. Language and image content 9. Prohibited Content

We do not accept advertising referencing, facilitating or prompting the following:

Okay, let's analyze this. Well, first, my ads are not in violation of section 8 so I don't know why that's referenced. As for section 9, Prohibited Content, it is obvious that the only relevant bullet point is the 3rd one which lists "Gambling, including without limitation any online casino, sports books, bingo, or poker". Therefore, Facebook, according to section 9 of their Advertising Guidelines, makes the following statement: "We do not accept advertising referencing, facilitating or prompting gambling, including without limitation any online casino, sports books, bingo, or poker". To paraphrase, for these purposes, all Facebook advertisements that reference poker-related gambling, facilitate poker-related gambling or prompt poker-related gambling are prohibited, and therefore will not be accepted.

Well, I would like to argue that is simply a free service for tracking your home game poker activity and is not a gambling website by any means. However, I suppose you could say that it references gambling.
So, policy is policy I guess. Fine.
I don't agree with it, but I can respect it...

What I can't respect is that there have recently been or are currently a dozen or more ads running that reference, facilitate or prompt poker-related gambling running on facebook while my ad gets denied.

These ads are have very recently run and/or are currently running on Facebook

test your poker knowledge
texas hold em freerolls
texas holdem online - play risk free
wpt world poker tour boot camp
full tilt poker
sit-n-go card games
poker slam university - online multimedia courses for live poker games
texas hold'em poker strategy cards
poker players alliance
dream team poker
poker palace
poker socal network
poker chips, tables, cards, etc
pureplay online poker room
beau rivage casino poker classic
world poker tournament
play free poker
texas holdem poker
texas holdem poker
poker rooms

Allowing these 20 ads to run, and probably others, Facebook is blatantly ignoring the same Guideline rules that they are enforcing on my ads.

Many of these ads are way more in violation than my ads.

For example, the Full Tilt Poker Bonus Ad advertises bonus $ when you deposit money from your bank into yout FTP online poker casino account. Are you kidding me?

And Beau Rivage is an actual physical casino!

And WPT Boot Camp? That's advertising World Poker Tour classes for learning how to be a better poker player and win more poker tournaments!

Dream Team Poker is advertising actual live casino poker tournaments in Las Vegas!

Give me one good reason why any of these ads passed guidelines inspections while mine did not.

My ads for advertise a free website that allows home game poker players, friends that play poker at home together, a utility to communicate with their poker buddies and keep track of their statistics. Poker Team Bankroll is nothing more than a free team management/statistics utility for home game poker players, but it is being treated as if it were illegal.


Dear Facebook, kindly approve my ad to be fair to me... or better yet, change your guidelines so that my ad can be approved and this hypocrisy no longer exists.

- Matt Gai, President of Big Huge Productions, Inc. and Creator of Poker Team Bankroll